2023: Youth Group Sets To Hold Stakeholders’ Conference in Lagos

….Youth festival to hold February 5

Young progressives have been advocating for enhanced inclusion and representation in decision-making structures. A national youth conference was convened in June 2021 and since then, there have been developments including the formation of a national youth lobby committee and several engagements advocating for youth mainstreaming.

Speaking with Lanre Oyegbola, coordinator of the South-West Caucus of the Progressives Youth Lobby Committee, he said that the planned activities are part of efforts to ensure greater youth mainstreaming in South-West politics, and in the entire country.

“Our vision is to have young people better represented in decision-making structures, both within the political party system and in government. With the upcoming national convention and primaries later this year, it is very important that young people organise effectively so more of us can occupy leadership positions. It is also crucial for us to establish understanding and a working partnership with our counterparts in the business world because politics greatly impacts the business environment and opportunities available”, he said.

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