“Ibo Eripato”: Olusola Oke Is Not Fit To Govern Ondo State.

Olusola Oke adopted as Ondo APC unity forum consensus candidate ...

In the year 2000 when Olusola Oke was nominated as the representative of Ondo State on the Board of Niger Delta Development Commission,NDDC, the youths of Ilaje protested against his nomination owing to his corrupt nature. Despite the protest, Olusegun Obasanjo still went ahead and Olusola Oke emerged.

As if the youths were prophets, so many corrupt practices were perpetrated and that Board was enveloped in unprecedented corruption.

One of the numerous atrocities of Olusola Oke was fake water projects running to billions of naira. What Oke did was to award these water projects without project location. He called the project location as “Ibo eripato”. This community is non-existent, it is an imaginary location.

When prominent Ilaje sons and daughters got wind of this development, they wrote to the EFCC. After investigation, Olusola Oke was indicted by the financial watchdog.

That was the golden opportunity Ilaje had to have portable water, but Oke, out of greed squandered the opportunity. Today, Ilaje live on water and have no water to drink.

The question is that: if he could do this to his own people, what will he do when he comes to a larger picture? If Oke were the governor, he would have suggested to the Zenith back that the discovered N4.3b be shared between him and the bank.

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