Lulu Fawehinmi Congratulates PMG EKITI, enjoin more support from Members

The growth and development of our society solely depends on how well we use our resources to advance our course, the survival of the  human race can only and will only thrive when we have institutions and structures created to protect, secure and advance humanity.

With this aforementioned, the place of  polity and advocacy for good governance and its promotion will ever remain sancrosant and highly important in our climes, the Pentagon Movement Group (PMG) was created to facilitate this, and ever since our creation, we have recorded a great deal of success across the 18 local government areas of Ondo State which is our pioneer state.

Today, 1st of July 2021, I am delighted to witness another milestone in the course of existence of this wonderful socio-political platform, with the Launch of the PMG in Ekiti State, we have extended our tentacles and I am optimistic that success is inevitable. This is not just a giant leap for us all the PMG, this is a great win for all supporters and promoters of good governance.

I commend the State Coordinator of the PMG Ekiti State, Mr. Ade-Ademola Ilesanmi for his amiable and tenacious efforts in making this a success; I also salute our indefatigable Field Marshall and National Coordinator, Mr. Babajide Akeredolu for providing us with the leadership, the much needed platforms and incentive to thrive.

A big thank you to all our ever supportive members, we are able to go the extra mile because we have your support, and I am sure that with our collective efforts we shall continue to record more success. Thank You.

Lulu Fawehinmi

Co-founder PMG / Ondo State coordinator

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