Makinde more concerned with political status than getting solutions, says minister

Published January 26, 2021

Friday Olokor , Abuja

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare , on Monday called on Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State to be more proactive in handling the security situation in the state .
According to him, the conduct of the governor in dealing with the security challenges fell below standards, saying he “ seems to be paralysed by fear. ”
“ States and non-state actors could have been brought into the arena to design a way out . Now , the Governor is flailing about and reacting out of fear that his political status is being damaged instead of crafting a solution that gives justice , peace and meaningful livelihood to all affected , including the citizens and in particular farmer and herder alike .
“ Instead , his incoherence in this situation has placed Oyo and its citizens in the direct path of danger ,” Dare , an indigene of Ogbomosho , Oyo State , said in a statement .
He added, “ Like all the people of Oyo State , I expected the Governor, Seyi Makinde of Oyo State to act prudently but with reasonable dispatch to quell the security situation before it got out of hand . We all waited for proactive steps and responses from the state authority certainly in vain.”
He called on the governor to do better , saying the price of continued failure would be the loss of additional lives and property as well as increasing tensions between people who once treated each other as neighbors and brothers .
“ Criminal elements roaming the streets should not be treated with kid gloves . And because Oyo Government failed to take the initiative, the Federal Government seized the initiative. If he cannot handle this himself, there is no shame in the governor reaching out to seek the help and advice of others to help him chart the right course ,” Dare said.

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