Mixed reactions trail Okorocha’s call for new political alliance

Published January 20, 2021

John Alechenu , Abuja
The pronouncement by former Imo State Governor , Senator Rochas Okorocha that a new political platform is in the offing to wrestle power from the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party, on Tuesday elicited a mixed reaction from several opposition politicians .
While some most of those spoken to in separate interviews on Tuesday , agree that Nigerians enjoy the freedom of association and can form political parties to pursue their interests , opinion is divided as to whether there is a need for a new political platform.
The Mega Political Movement being promoted by Prof . Pat Utomi , former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Na ’Abba, and others are more concerned about electoral reforms.
Spokesperson for the group , Olawale Okunniyi said , “ What we must do as a people is first and foremost pursue a popular reworking of our constitution for us to have a nation which will work for all of us.
“ This will also involve political reforms because whatever political party you form using this currently faulty template will be consumed by the bad system currently in place .”
Speaking in a similar vein , an Edo State Chieftain of the APC and former Commissioner for Information , Kazim Afegbua , said , “ Nigeria needs to learn the hard way to be able to develop her democracy to fit into best practices . The idea of contemplating a new political block or movement or party is to me an exercise in overkill .
“ We have reduced political participation to bread and butter . We have enough political parties that can be retooled , reformed , rejigged and repositioned to assume their pride of place in the democratic equation.
“ The problem of Nigeria’ s democracy is not about the proliferation of political parties but the characters that man them . There are bad losers everywhere as well as bad winners . The culture of winner takes all has its own telling impact in the leadership emanations across the political spectrum in the country .”

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