There is no denying the truism that Engr Ifeoluwa Oyedele, the Igodan -Lisa born Executive Director, Engineering and Technical Services of Niger Delta Power Holdings Company(NDPHC) is one of the prominent aspirants with good pedigrees being looked upon to join forces with APC Unity Forum towards wrestling power from Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu in October this year. Though, versatile, cerebral, highly focused and easy going, Engr Oyedele is a new entrant into the slippery political adventures where he has a long way to go towards getting to his right destinations in Ondo State politics.

No doubt, Oyedele is a green horn in the political hemispheres making his forays into it freshly, though he has been a politician over the years being visibly identified with the defunct CPC of President Mohammed Buhari; the fact remains that this is his first attempt at seeking any elective position in his political career. For him waking up one day and wants to become Governor at this material time appears to be a misplaced adventure which amounts to efforts in futility with the emerging scenarios.

We are aware that this aspirant is a notable intellectual who has distinguished himself in his professional callings, it is a sorry sight that he lacked strong and cohesive structures and cognitive experience and knowledge towards propelling him achieve his ambition of becoming number one citizen of Ondo State at this period. Though, we are not unaware his vast resources and connections at certain higher levels which he can garnered to his advantage, the basic fact is that he is just wasting his precious time, energies and resources pursuing a tall ambition which would eventually hit the rock as he is just putting structures on ground in only very few places in the State. Though, Rome was not built in a day, our fervent belief is that it is becoming too late for him to start building or developing structures which ordinarily should have taken him good numbers of years to achieve and not for him to start engaging in fire brigade approach to accomplish!.

It is pertinent to point out that building vast political structures and consolidating same usually takes time and in recognition of this fact, we believe it would be extremely difficult for Oyedele to effectively and efficiently muster or deploy necessary efforts and resources towards developing and consolidating viable political structures between now and July 20 when the APC Primary holds across the State.

If you painstakingly study trends in Governorship races in the last fifteen years in Ondo State, you would be much convinced that all those who became Governor at one point or the other laboured assiduously and made various unsuccessful attempts before they finally emerged victorious.

For instance, Dr Olusegun Agagu made attempts three times before he became Governor while Dr Olusegun Mimiko and Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu succeeded after two attempts attesting to the fact that having viable structures on ground with experience are added advantage in clinching Governorship post.

Ever since he lost out completely at becoming a Minister last year under President Mohammed Buhari, whom he kept taunting as his godfather, Engr Oyedele had let everyone who cared to listen that he had the required credentials to become the Governor of the State. His conviction is so rife that he wasted no time in carrying out some empowerments programmes and also secured a state of earth Campaigns office in Akure metropolis recently.

His strong conviction is now strengthened by the ‘political’ prophesies of one controversial Primate Ayodele who speculated that Oyedele would become Governor in October this year.

Primate Ayodele over the years had destroyed many people’s lives and their homes through his reckless and fake prophesies!. It is not that we don’t believe in prophesies; we are adversed to the recurring actions of some notable men of God at elections time who claimed to have received revelations from God that certain aspirants or candidates would win and loose elections.

To us, these sets of Prophets are living in foul paradise as their prophesies are mere political permutations or embellishments geared towards swaying voting directions. They are agents of some aspirants who are bountifully paid to do their biddings. Those of us who are not prophetically endowed or gifted but politically rooted are more competent to correctly permutate on political trends in Ondo State. While we wholeheartedly agree, anything can happen through divine directions, we want to sincerely point out, with scenarios on ground presently that Engr Oyedele is incapable of mustering the needed acumen, stamina, required structures and large followers at winning the forthcoming APC Primary in July 20. In short, he lacked needed political clouts and charisma to make appreciable impacts at the forthcoming Primary.

It is quite appalling that Engr Oyedele is keeping his job at the Niger Delta Power Holdings Company as Executive Director while still going ahead with his Gubernitorial pursuits on one hand. If he is a man of honour and integrity who values due process, he ought not to have been nursing political ambition to become Governor in his home State and at the same time keeping his lucrative job. Morality and administrative exigences demands he ought to have resigned his appointment at the Niger Delta Power Holdings Company ever before now. This is a moral burden on his neck which is seriously affecting his chances of becoming Governor.

A lot of people within and outside the State had started asking series of questions regarding this ugly situation. The snag is that Oyedele is not telling the truth to his few followers whose mindsets have terribly glued to weird thoughts that he had been adopted by the Presidency for the Governorship which never was!.

He knows he cannot make it at the forthcoming APC Governorship Primary based on his weak political networking and limited followers which had greatly influenced his decision to stay put on his current lucrative position. It is pleasant pointing out that the position Oyedele is presently occupying at the Niger Delta Power Holdings is a very sensitive and juicy one which shouldn’t be lost to anyone from another State in the event he lost at the Governorship Primary.

President Buhari, his benefactor wouldn’t like he looses his current job and the Governorship at the same time. It would please his boss if he retains his plum job as Executive Director in the Power Holdings rather than wasting his precious time pursuing an ambition that he would not succeed in.

The Governorship is not for new comers. It is a game for those with viable and enduring political structures and vast political experience and knowledge who are enviably entrenched to the grassroots. Alas, all these qualities Oyedele doesn’t possess. He is still in the learning process and so he should just forget about his Gubernitorial ambition so that his resources and efforts wouldn’t go into the drain. It is better he renounces his ambition of becoming Governor for now and align fully with Unity Forum’s consensus candidate, Chief Olusola Oke, SAN in emerging as APC Gubernitorial candidate in July 20, 2020 Primary and to eventually become Governor in the general election in October this year.

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