Port Ondo Project a reality, Will open up our water transport

The decision of the Akeredolu led administration to embark on the Ondo Sea Port Project is one that has the potential of opening up the state for great and numerous economic benefits and advantages upon completion.

Ondo Seaport project, water transportation in the state is expected to be given a massive boost, which in return will see to greater Economic Development and growth as the state will be more opened for inter-states, inter-country and international trade. Therefore a state that is majorly known and noted as a civil servants state as greatly changed between 2017 – 2021 to an Economical Hub by the Akeredolu Led administration.

Ondo State as an emerging industrial giants even as Oluwarotimi Akeredolu Aketi prepare to start his second term in office as the Executive Governor of Ondo State.

In achieving this, the Port Ondo project holds the key to opening up the state’s water way for effective water transportation as it is expected to be the only viable deep sea port in Nigeria and would serve the whole of West Africa. The site of the proposed Port of Ondo which so has an industrial city with Free Trade Zone Status, measures 2,771.2 hectares, with this and the introduction of the water transportation upon the completion of the project, it’s expected that the state waterway will be the channel through which both local and international trades will be conducted.

The idea which led to the creation of the port was made in order to decongest Lagos, the largest coastline and depest draught and open up the coastal region in Ondo State for better economic activities.

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