Protesting youths block highway as bandits abduct 14 in Kaduna

Godwin Isenyo

9 July 2021

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Gunmen have invaded Ungwan Gimbiya, near Juji in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, kidnapping  no fewer than 14 residents.

The hoodlums,  it was learnt, attacked the community at 10:30pm  on Wednesday.

The kidnapping led to a protest by youths in the area.

It was gathered that  the bandits later  released  two nursing mothers and two hypertensive elderly patients when they noticed their conditions. One of the abductees was said to have escaped.

“The nursing mothers were released because they  took away their husbands. The bandits released them to take care of their babies,”  a resident said.

A family member of a victim said the bandits reached out to him, saying there were nine people in their custody.

According to him, they are demanding  N180m as ransom to release nine abductees.

“They (bandits) have reached out to me demanding  a ransom of N20m for each for the nine abductees that are with them,” he said.

Meanwhile, a nursing mother, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told journalist that the bandits tied her husband and other abductees.

According to her, the bandits who were in large numbers went away with her husband and five others within their vicinity.

While narrating her ordeal, the nursing mother explained that the bandits caught the community unawares.

She added that when the bandits stormed their compound, they asked them if their neighbours were home.

She said, “They( bandits) came at 10pm. Then my husband was still outside with one guy. They were discussing  while I was inside because I had a  stomach upset.  I heard a  noise outside and I decided to come out to know what was happening.

“As I came out, I saw where they tied my husband and two other guys and immediately I wanted to go back inside. I saw some men with knives. They wanted to stab me and forced me to go outside.

“My children were crying inside and I was shouting that they should allow me to go inside and pick my children, but they said no and that I was not going anywhere. They ordered me to sit back, then one of them spoke to the other that they should allow me to go and carry my baby.  I went inside and carried my baby and came outside.

“The bandits were asking us if our neighbours were inside and we told them that we  didn’t  know.   They threatened us and said that if they should enter  their rooms and see anybody that they would kill us.  They broke their doors and brought all of them out. They asked me to go inside and they went away with six  of them –  a man with his two sons, my husband and two other guys.”

Another nursing mother, whose  husband, a pharmacist was kidnapped, said,  “They came shooting and breaking our windows after they successfully broke through the perimeter  fence. We opened the door and they took  my husband and me away,  but I was let go when they heard the cry of my baby.

On her part, a elder woman, who was later released by the hoodlums, said her husband, two of her sons were taken away but she was left to go when she fainted on the road.

“Because I am a hypertensive patient and they noticed my  health challenge and another hypertensive woman, who also fainted, they allowed us to go” she said.

According to a victim, who narrowly escaped the attack, the bandits stormed the community, shooting indiscriminately.

The victim who is a lawyer, said after firing shots, the bandits pulled down their gate but couldn’t enter the apartment, adding that “they(bandits) decided to break the wall” and entered the compound, yet they couldn’t see us; my wife and me.

“The took  away my neighbour,  who later escaped. We  have four flats in our compound but they invaded only two flats. The bandits were speaking mainly Fulani language. They also speak a little bit of Hausa language.”

Youths protest kidnapping block major road

Meanwhile, youths in large numbers took  to the streets of Sabon -Tasha along  Kachia road, in the same LGA in protest  against continued killings and abductions of  residents

The protesting youths blocked the road thereby  causing major traffic jam and as of the time of sending this report, they refused to listen to appeals from security personnel.

The protesters said,  “We are tired of these killings and kidnappings every time,” “we want the government to know that we are angry and if they can’t protect us, we will protect ourselves” among others.    ,

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