The Bridge of Love and Hope Foundation: Reaching Out to the World in Love

The world indeed can be a better place when we have the collective efforts of individuals within our reality aimed towards the greater good of all. The Indigenous African community is one which is originally built on the foundation of communalism, one which is better expressed by the legendary African Scholar, J.S Mbiti who said, I am because you are and because you are, therefore we are.

While the African community is losing out fast on this communal identity, the bridge of love and hope foundation is among one of those institutions which has given itself and its resources to make life a better reality for all. Founded by Mr. Femi Akinkuebi, the bridge of love and hope foundation is a non-governmental organization which is designed to work to improve the standard of living of the less privileged. According to the founder of the foundation, Mr. Femi Akinkuebi, “the foundation is established to fulfil Godly purpose on earth, and to care for the less privileged”

The foundation is also designed to provide health care and education services to the less privileged and the needy, to promote the welfare of the underprivileged by providing those things that are considered the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter etc.
Furthermore, the foundation seeks to build the mind of young persons and sensitize them for a better reality, and also to support young ministers of God in their respective ministries.

In reaching out to the people, the foundation has designed a weekly/monthly food outreach through which they aim to donate raw food pack that is enough to sustain a family for a week, the goal is to have as many food banks in as many local communities as possible which will go a long way in reaching out to the people. Items like foodstuffs [ rice, beans, garri, salt, noodles etc.] clothes, foot wears and household detergent are some of the materials which they hope to donate to the various targeted people and groups.

While the Foundation is purely a non-governmental organization with members who has committed themselves to reaching out in love and with love to the less privileged, it would be a delight to have people, privileged members/groups of the society coming to contribute to this course, we can always go a mile when we have the will, however we can always go the extra mile when there is a will and a firm support base. Kindly reach out to us through or contact us at our head office, 1 Dele Betiku Street, off Akure Motor Park, Akure Ondo Road to be a part of this great movement.

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