Betrayals come in different shapes and forms. There are family betrayals, business betrayals, political betrayals, love betrayals etc. And they all have two things in common; relationship and trust. Without these two, you really cannot talk of a betrayal. Generally, the greater the relationship, the deeper the trust, the less expected and therefore, the more painful the betrayal. In many cases, people are blindsided because of their closeness to the perpetrators.

Political betrayals are everywhere. They dot the landscape in Nigeria. Political godsons betraying their godfathers. Political godfathers reneging on promises made to their godsons. Dogs not only biting, but savaging dogs. Just when we thought we had seen it all, there was the case of a son who betrayed his father who had installed him in high office when it came to choosing his successor.

The build up to October’s election, has various shades of the last Ondo elections of the Second Republic.

Apart from sharing the same land of nativity, Ajasin and Akeredolu are same sons of similarity in governance and politicking. The belief in massive infrastructural development, independence of the State against political influence, raising the bar of trust in leadership and uncompromised welfare of workers and retirees are my convincing and compelling comparisons. On the same trend and tressure, Agboola has decided to play late Omoboriowo to Arakunrin Akeredolu, the story whose end Agboola knows very well as he mentioned 1983 scenario while trying to move out his personal belongings at the Government House in an argument with security men.

At the beginning of their administration, Aketi was very much attached and attentive to Agboola Ajayi. It is the betrayal of trust that soured their relationship. After the APC primary election that made Aketi the flagbearer did not go well with some leaders, while Aketi was trying to reconcile with them (leaders), Agboola was busy projecting himself to be used to fight his boss. Agboola never thought that rapprochement would ever be possible but politics is all about conflict resolution.

Let us give it to Agboola: he is a purveyor of puffery and player of political chicanery. To achieve his selfish aim, Agboola kept advising his boss in wrong direction so that Aketi could be committing infractions as to reduce him (Aketi) to political anonymity. All these played out in many political decisions that the State took and the timely reversals of many.

In politics, the love behind you is the hatred behind you. Agboola never knew that one of those following him to all these clandestine meetings had been taping him and all these could not be denied when Aketi confronted him with overwhelming evidence. Agboola begged and begged. He invited personalities to intercede on his behalf but he never changed.

Late last year, Aketi was sick. So he was away for weeks to attend to his health challenge. As human who is not exempted from the law of nature, Agboola was expected to act dutifully and fill the gap. Rather, he was busy seeking the support of House of Assembly Members and penciling down the names of his cabinet members in order to take over. As Africans, many believed that the illness was not ordinary and if Agboola didn’t know about it he wouldn’t have got so much audacity to act that way. God is not a man; Aketi survived and the State was thrown into jubilation on his arrival. Agboola went too far and there is no forgiveness in the matter of life and death.

In all these, nobody hears anything from Aketi. To me, Aketi has won great moral victory. Regardless of how we consider treachery, treason and trickery as political play in these climes, Agboola will live with moral burden of betrayal for the rest of his life. He has written uncharitable story for himself. Having been a Deputy for almost three and half years, he shares in the good and ugly of this administration. He lacks morality and morale to speak against this government.

Now that Agboola aspires to be the flagbearer of PDP and Aketi too seeks reelection in APC, I wish Agboola is given the ticket of PDP and Aketi too presented again by APC. The perfect history shall be repeated. Agboola shall have his share in the sword of betrayal. The dream is too tall to be realized by him. Political oblivion and ruthless ruin beacons on him.
Thank you!

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