Who Killed Pastor Adewale Omojuwa, Former OSOPADEC Chairman?

Pastor Adewale Omojuwa haled from Ilowo in Ugbo ward 3, Ilaje Local Government. The same community with Olusola Oke. He was averagely educated.

Pastor Adewale Omojuwa was a very deep religious person in his early life. He was a professional drummer in the seraphim and cherubim church of God in the riverine. That is what is prevalent in Ilaje today.

He later relocated to Igbokoda and became a dry cleaner at Larada, beside Adeb Hotel.

Being a kinsmen to Oke and also a very clever person with native intelligence, he, Oke, brought him closer to complement him politically. In the days of yore, religion had much influence than what we have today in Ilaje. So, Oke needed Omojuwa more.

In the days of the PDP, Oke made Omojuwa the secretary of the party. He later promoted him to become the local government party chairman. He later became member, OSOPADEC and finally rose to become the chairman of OSOPADEC.

All of a sudden, Pastor Adewale Omojuwa became a serious threat to Olusola Oke when he wanted to go to Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC. The simple reason was that Omojuwa was more generous than Oke. Oke, having realized this fact of life, pretended as if he was in tune with his ambition, as usual. Alas, Oke asked pastor Omojuwa to change his money to dollars that some people needed the money in Abuja in fulfillment of his ambition. Eventually, the money didn’t get to Abuja. That was how Oke collected all the money Omojuwa made in OSOPADEC in order to reduce his political value and influence.

It was during this unrealistic ambition Omojuwa had accident along Ore-Ondo road when he was rushing to go and give his mater some money meant for Abuja. Since that time, Omojuwa never got himself.

When Omojuwa discovered that all the money he sent through his boss didn’t get to Abuja, the man developed blood pressure, high sugar level, diabetes and other associated illness. Here we are today. Who killed Omojuwa?

Adewale vowed that he will never support Oke again in his life. That was why he supported Jimi Odimayo as his DG. Was it not funny to you that Omojuwa did not support Oke? Why did he support Odimayo instead of Oke?

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the meeting of Unity Forum Olusola Oke attended today after the news of Omojuwa’s death broke out. It means he gives premium to his ambition over and above human life. His attendance gives credence to the fact that Oke is happy over the death of Omojuwa.

Don’t be surprised, Oke is going to give the most beautiful speech and shed crocodile tears at the line in state or burial ceremony.

May his soul Rest In Peace.

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