Yuletide: Amotekun uncovers plot to attack Ondo

As the yuletide season draws nearer, the Ondo State Security outfit codenamed Amotekun Corps has raised the alarm of a sinister plot by bandits to attack the state.
The Hope Metro authoritatively gathered that intelligence report revealed that bandits and criminals were planning to strike on some black spots in Ekiti, Osun and Ondo states and had struck in Ekiti and Osun States.
Consequently, the security network, in a bid to foil the plot, had commenced a stop-and-search, identification exercise across the state.
Addressing newsmen in Akure, the state commander of Amotekun, Chief Adetunji Adeleye said over 50 unregistered and tinted vehicles without police permit had been impounded during the stop and search identification exercise.
Adeleye noted that no amount of criticism of the exercise would make it back down on its mandate to rid the state of criminal activities during the yuletide.
According to him “the stop-and-search and vehicle identification exercise embarked upon by operatives of the Corps across major roads in the state was backed by law. The operation was being done in collaboration with other security agencies.
“We received intelligence report from credible quarters that bandits and criminals are trying to carry out nefarious activities in the state. We hinted the general public about two weeks ago to be very vigilant.
“This information became more credible when we heard that some of the places mentioned in the intelligence report, armed robbers had actually struck. One in Osun and the other in Ekiti State.
“As part of the core mandate of Amotekun which is mainly complementary to the services of all security agencies. Before this exercise, we recognize the need to intimate the general public which was done.
“Virtually, more than 90 percent of criminal activities in the state are being perpetrated with the use of unregistered, covered and tinted vehicles. Again, majority of these criminal activities are also being carried out using Okada especially in the evenings.
“To this end, the state government has directed all security agencies in the state to collaborate and work together to ensure that after the deadline, whoever uses a dark tinted glass would carry a police permit.
“Furthermore, the use of unregistered vehicles on roads which makes it difficult to track down criminals was also banned.
“I don’t see any reason you will buy a car and you choosed to not register it for one to three years if you don’t have ulterior motive.
“We found out that some of the criticisms coming up from an uninformed point of view, accuses the corps of going beyond its mandate. I want to refer them to the Ondo State Security Agency and the Amotekun Corps law of 2020; Section 5; 5a; 5i; 5j which gives specific core mandate to the exercise being carried out by the agency.
“It creates provision for the collaboration with other security agencies in monitoring criminals on major roads.
“The provision of the law is very clear about it and I want to advise them to pick a copy of the law which is available in the public domain. Most of these criticisms came from sponsored agents who felt they could blackmail to turn down the arms of the law.
Adeleye assured residents of the state of the security outfits commitment to ensuring safety of their lives and property.
He said that violators would be made to comply with the penalties before impounded vehicles would be released to them.
” Any vehicle that’s not registered and has been in the country beyond the six months permitted by the law would be impounded by the joint monitoring team.
“All vehicles with tinted glass and not authorised by the appropriate institution would be impounded by the team.
“I want to assure you that we remain focused and committed to assisting all other security agencies in the state in ensuring safety of lives and property in Ondo State.
Adeleye said, ” ln the usual magnanimity of the governor of the state, he has opened a window whereby those not willing to go to mobile courts would have to settle with the Board of Internal Revenue, before they take them out of our custody.
“Owners of tinted vehicles will have to remove those tints or bring permits and cautionary fee would be paid to the coffer of the state government.”

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